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Ma Simes Surf Hut

Ma Simes Surf Hut, one of the original surf shops in Wales, was founded in 1977 from a shed (the hut) in the bottom of the garden of the house of Ma, situated at Whitesands Bay, St Davids, Pembrokeshire. The name was invented in 1979 on a drunken September night around an open fire in Anglet, France, but that is another story. In the beginning the idea was to get hold of wax and leashes for her very enthusiastic surfing children and their friends. Soon the hut became stocked with surfboards, wetsuits, accessories and clothing and without any forward planning and almost by mistake, the business was founded.

Ma retired in 1985 but would still regularly come into the shop, which had moved into St Davids, giving surfers advise about boards and wetsuits. She was a fountain of knowledge about all things surfing but ironically had never surfed once in her life!! She was very proud of that fact.

After many moves around St Davids the shop finally relocated in 1999 to its present position on the High Street. It is one of the last original independent stores in St Davids that has managed to survive the years, enjoying surfing heritage dating back over 45 years.

The Ma logo is actually a self portrait drawn by Ma in 1979. It depicts her holding a surfboard, whilst wearing her apron, after making hot soup and toasties for the boys and girls after a surf. She really did look like that!!

Sadly Ma left us for the ultimate wave in 2001. She has left an amazing legacy in St Davids and everywhere you look there will be someone who either knew her or is related to her. The shop is a family business. When Ma retired her youngest son Nick, agreed to temporarily take over the business. 39 years later he's still in charge - temporarily!! and through the years numerous members of the family and their friends have helped and worked in the shop.

If you pass by the shop call in. You might be able to get a coffee if Nick gets his head around buying a machine. He's only been thinking about it for 15 years - but it is Pembrokeshire, and Ma's wise philosophy "why do today when you can do it tomorrow" lives on.